Monday, November 24, 2008

Life Coach - Life is Lifting Along

Your parents are emotionally unavailable. Your boss fires you out of the blue. A big deal falls apart. You get rejected. Your car gets stolen. So what!!! That's just interesting feedback. Life is lifing along. Life is doing its thing...The Drunk Monkey's opinion about it won't change it.

It is only The Drunk Monkey's option about life that is causing you to suffer and causing you to stop. There are no good results or bad results. Good or bad is just your opinion. Because you are Being Unstoppable, you are realizing that success is nothing more than a series of well managed breakdowns, failures, and mistakes! And what are breakdowns, failures, and mistakes in reality? Outcomes. Hmm...Very interesting...I didn't think that was going to happen! I wonder what would happen if I did this next!

That's Being Unstoppable! So go for it today! Do something totally outrageous that will catapult your life forward. Approach it like a scientist...interested in what the results might be! And when the result happens, accept the situation as it is and move forward from there. Don't let The Drunk Monkey suck you into the drama "See...You are a loser! You can't do it! You are no good! You are stupid!" At some point consider working with our powerful coaching staff to resolve some of those underlying issues The Drunk Monkey is using to make you feel bad...

In the mean time, just accept the situation as it is and declare it perfect. Are you having any results that you feel are victories? Remember that I don't judge your victories, I just honor them with you, and the really inspiring ones I post on my site. So click the link.

-Matthew Ferry

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