Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mentoring Others So They Succeed

Being a mentor is about communicating in a meaningful way. It is about being yourself and sharing your experience and your perspective on life. Being a Mentor is a very valuable experience. You will be able to share your industry knowledge and experiences to truly help someone grow in a career. Being a mentor is an opportunity to help and guide new talent, share valuable life lessons and potentially develop a friendship with a current or future colleague.

Training means providing the tools and time, but it is really up to the other person to "get it." Mentoring means taking a personal interest in another and seeing the training and knowledge transfer through to its completion and success. It is an investment that reaps mutually satisfying rewards. Training includes an introduction to the technology used, basic digital workplace skills and ways to look at group dynamics and team support.

Mentoring is a form of informal professional development where you develop professional skills or competencies with feedback from another person. That person is a sort of trusted counselor or guide - someone whose skills you respect. Mentoring is one of the oldest forms of prevention and its influence extends across many fields.

In conclusion, being a true mentor is about opening yourself up to someone and sharing your wisdom and experience. Then when that person succeeds you can take pride in what you have accomplished as they will be very grateful as well. Remember people look up to you for a reason, and you can make a difference in another persons' life. Finally, the more you give, the more you will receive as a person. Providing value to others and yourself is the real meaning of life.

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- Brian Turk

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