Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anybody Can Do It, I Did

Those who succeed are those who actually walk through the door of opportunity when it swings open. What is the secret of finding the door of opportunity? Is becoming skillful enough to be aware of such opportunity and extending your arms to embrace it.

What holds us back from achieving success is honestly examining your inner self. You will find out how strong your will power is and what resources you have to use to supplement your drive for success.

I for one lived a life suppressed from having any personal goals or at least not making them alive. When turning into adults, teenagers have to abandon the dreams and hopes they had as children and see the actual reality surrounding them. Society teaches us to follow a set plan and never go astray. We become good citizens and enter the educational system that only teaches us the required skills to become an employee.

I spent most of my adult life blindfolded to most of the open doors of opportunity. It is natural to believe that it is better to hide our failures and disappointment, as they can cause pain, making us feel inadequate. I found myself surrounded by negativity as I fulfilled a career as a Correctional Officer for 15 years. Although I always dreamed of becoming successful, my dreams were suppressed by a bi-weekly paycheck and my responsibilities as a head of household. The acceptance of fear of failure in my life deprives me from noticing and moving through the doors of opportunity. The routine of getting up and going to work seemed to be normal to me.

My life changed for me one evening prior to going to work. I received a call from a close friend of the family. She was calling us to announce her discovery of a fantastic business opportunity. She was proud of her discovery as she described the details to my wife. I was unaware of their conversation at first, but soon became curious of what was being said. I signaled my wife that I was leaving for work and she waved for me to pause for a minute. Our close friend had asked my wife to ask me a question before I left. The question was "How would you like to leave that job of yours forever?" My response was "How" while I was feeling a strong surge of skepticism throughout my body. She replied "Call me tomorrow for the details" which allowing me to maintain the thought of curiosity all night. The next day I was presented the business opportunity and four months later I resigned from my employer. I now live a life of joy with a lifestyle that I had only dreamed of in the past. Becoming a student of personal development was the key to my success.

The more you are aware of yourself and what skills you need to grow will determines the amount of positive energy you will get. The fact of this story is that you never know who and/or when that right opportunity will arise that will change your life forever.

There is no magical path to achieving success, but you can always increase the chances of reaching your goals with these simple steps.

1) We can change that by writing down your dreams, your ideals, and your honest ambitions. When you see the words on a paper it will have a strong effect on you and will help you realize if those dreams are worth fighting for.

2) Try to imagine yourself reaching your ideas by constructing an image of success in your conscious mind. You will also influence your subconscious to do the same. Protect yourself in the future, and embellish yourself with all the skills that you will need to reach that idea. By doing this as often as possible will reinforce your beliefs and increase the chances of getting where you wish. You will swamp your fears, and the achievement of your ideals will make you feel comfortable, rather than uncomfortable.

3) It is hard to manage all the issues mentioned above on your own. Never be afraid to ask someone you care about to assist. Share your feeling with a special person who will support your action. Even if you think you may not be accepted with your new ideals, why not try?

So, start looking for those open doors that are out there in this abundant world. Do everything you can to be ready. Don't just sit and wish for your dreams to come true. Be proactive and make sure that you are the most qualified when the door opens. Make sure that you work the hardest to get you the closest to your door of opportunity.

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