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How I Found a Millionaire Mentor

On of my hobbies is studying wealthy people. From far off and up close. By up close I mean hanging out with them. I have my own millionaire mentor. She is a property developer who started from nothing and now owns property worth millions. How I found a millionaire and the steps I used to find one are what this article is about.


Let's define "Millionaire Mentor". It is someone who has started from nothing and now owns at least $2,000,000 worth of investment assets. This person gained wealth through sound financial principles. A strong financial position gives them plenty of time for family and friends, hobbies and interests. Part of their makeup is that they will pass on their knowledge to someone they consider worthwhile. This is a coaching or mentoring role. They don't do it for you. It is more like shining a light onto a stairway so you can see the steps.

The contacts, know how, and strategies they present are invaluable.


So why seek a millionaire mentor? Well I wanted to know is it possible to start from nothing in this country ( Australia for those of you reading this not in Australia) and go to massive wealth? At the time no one around me knew. Many of my friends had no money. They were just going to work to pay the bills and put food on the table. The treadmill of life. After watching myself and my friends , all of us in this position, it finally hit me. Do I want to spend the rest of my life doing this? So I stopped everything and dared to ask. "Can a person go from nothing in Australia to massive wealth?"
I found out the answer is yes.


A family member gave me a Jamie McIntyre DVD. It was called "What I didn't learn at school but wish I had". I put it on and watched it. Strangely enough I found myself watching it over and over again. He talks a lot about millionaire mentors . He mentioned the ideas and strategies he received from his mentors.

My mind started thinking "Wouldn't it be nice if I had a millionaire mentor. By watching the DVD over and over the desire to have one grew stronger. What I didn't know then was that the seed of desire was being planted into my subconscious mind. Once the desire grew to a certain size I had to act upon it. It drove me to physical action which made having a millionaire mentor a reality.



What stopped me from having a millionaire mentor in the first place was thoughts of "Not good enough", "Why would someone rich want to coach me","Millionaire mentors are hard to find". It was these thoughts that were holding me back. Many people have scripts in the mind that do not help them. These act as barriers to action and achievement. Some of them are conscious. Some are locked away in the subconscious below awareness.

I had to convince myself that I was good enough to attract a millionaire mentor. So I made a list of 5 goods financial habits. These things I take action on with my pay every week. Things such as saving 50% of my income. Until my mind thought I was good enough I knew that to act was useless. The change had to happen IN MY MIND FIRST. So I mapped out a weekly plan for my wages. My list looked something like this:

1. Save 50% of my income

2. Donate 10% to a worth cause

3. Had an open mind to new wealth strategies however hard the concept

4. Developed an ongoing Financial Intelligence Education through books and Seminars

5. A sincere desire to learn from a millionaire who had the patience to teach me.

Remember this list was created more to help me CONVINCE MYSELF than to impress others.



The next step was going out into the physical world to find a millionaire mentor. This involved meeting some weird characters but through persistence I found a millionaire who was willing to coach me. It takes courage and guts to go out and find one. But because I did so much inner work on my beliefs about wealth this step is actually the easiest.


The coaching that was given to me was through email and on to one conversation. A mixture of the old and new forms of communication.Then I was invited to meet some of my mentors' friends. I was totally intimidated. Just to give you an idea some of the conversation went like this. " I just got back from a holiday in Noosa. I bought a block of 6 units while I was there." Another one. " My 3 houses in Frankston are giving me a good yield. Not as good as my 3 townhouses in the inner CBD though!" The meeting with the investors totally blew my mind. It stretched me. WE all need mentors to help us stretch. Imagine if everyone had their own millionaire mentor. What a different world this would be.

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