Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How My Millionaire Mentor Helps Me Think and Grow Rich

This article is about my millionaire mentor who helps me think and grow rich. He started out in debt with no job. Now he is a self made multi millionaire. A wise person once said 'You lead by example'. The best way to learn how to make a success of your life is to find someone that has already done it. That's what I did. He helped me in many ways in wealth creation.

A good millionaire mentor quotes lots of facts. Here is a quote from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. In Australia by age 65, 96% of the population will be dead or dead broke. 3% will have financial independence, 1% will be rich. These statistics hit you like being slapped across the face with a bar of cold steel. When my mentor shared this with me I went into a state of shock. That was a good thing because it made me think. Then I took action because I didn't want to be in the 96% group who are dead or dead broke. Doesn't sound like much fun. Let me explain how I used this information to my benefit and how you can too.

A coach shows you in such a way that it challenges, stretches, and sometimes even shocks you. Believe it or not you benefit from this. Eventually you come out of the experience having accomplished a lot more. This is why not having a coach is a huge disadvantage. The above quoted Australian Bureau of Statistics facts was used by my mentor to inspire me to take action. This is a classic use of the Neuro Linguistic Programming ( NLP ) technique called interrupting someone's pattern. A pattern interrupt is another name for it. It is achieved by experiencing a jolt or shock. Something out of the ordinary has an emotional impact which in turn interrupts behaviour. A good coach can use this to achieve positive results with who they are mentoring.

Another avenue my mentor opened up for me was my subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains many drives and beliefs about money. I discovered many limiting beliefs in my subconscious about money. So I started to dig. What I found were many fears and beliefs that did not serve me. The subconscious mind is a vast and powerful part of the mind and it pays you to know about it. However it is ignored for the most part. It can be used to work for you to your benefit. My mentor showed me how to do this in a practical way that gave results.

Did my millionaire mentor really help me make money? The answer is yes. Personally my awareness on the value of saving increased. So I saved more. My financial intelligence increased. So I purchased assets that only go up in value. My mentor gave me an education that will last for life.

In the final analysis a good millionaire mentor helps you solve problems. They don't do it for you but they do open up a new world of possibility and opportunity. They do this through their coaching and communication with you. If your bank balance increases as a result of the association, isn't that what finding a millionaire mentor is all about?

James Cassa - EzineArticles Expert Author

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